Mustard Berry

Flower & Pre-Rolls

Our Mustard Berry flower is a top shelf hemp flower strain that has a funky and sweet nose to it with a funky and sweet taste to match. These buds range from medium to gigantic and carry long orange hairs. Using indoor cultivation techniques this flower is sure to please the eye, nose and mind. Mustard Berry flower is a top shelf indoor flower!

This flower is both relaxing and uplifting, good for the afternoon and evenings. Mustard Berry flower tastes more of sweet berries than anything else, and has a strong, potent, funky and sweet smell!

mustard berry cbd hemp bud

Relaxing, Uplifting with a Sweet Berry Taste.

man and dog on a dock cherry wine

CBD Flower Strain Information

Strain Genetics:
Quality: Very High
Cultivation: Natural soil / Hand Nurtured
Habitat: Greenhouse Grown

CBD Potency

Total Cannabinoids: 17%
Max CBD: 13.4%

CBD Profile

Lifter Cannabinoid Profile: CBD, CBC, CBDA, CBGA, and others; less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC



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