Our full spectrum CBD oil is made from our high quality strains that are cultivated and harvested from our sun drenched greenhouses. Our oils provide potential benefits ideal for relieving anxiety and pains to sleeplessness as well. Our oils offer a substantially higher concentration of CBD while offering competitive pricing because we manufacture our oils from our farm grown, artisan hemp grown in our greenhouses.

Our CBD oil contains all of the natural cannabinoids found in our non-GMO hemp plants. Each bottle contains less than .3% of THC. Our oils are available in various strengths and three different flavors.

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A balanced recipe for rest & relaxation of the body.

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MCT Oil: Medium Chain Tryglyceride Oil
Distillate: Hemp Derived Full Spectrum
Flavoring: Natural or Artificial Flavoring

Serving Information

Serving Size Per Dropper: 1ml
Servings Per Container:

Oil Strength Information

1000mg: Full Spectrum CBD Distillate: 33.33mg | Medium Chain Triglycerides: .96mg | Calories: 6

2500mg: Full Spectrum CBD Distillate: 83.33mg | Medium Chain Triglycerides: .96mg | Calories: 6

5000mg: Full Spectrum CBD Distillate: 166.66mg | Medium Chain Triglycerides: .96mg | Calories: 6

5 reviews for CBD Oil

  1. matt L

    this was much better than expected, would have again

  2. Morgan K

    I have the 2500mg bottle from HHF and after taking a deeper and a half for just two days, have noticed that I’ve been significantly more comfortable and less anxious, without it impacting my personality or feeling like I was under the ‘effect’ of something. Highly recommend it!

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