The Hemp House Farms Philosophy

Our greenhouses provide the ultimate controlled environment for cultivating premium craft hemp. Every stage of cultivation is infused with quality control and care. We harvest fresh hemp flower all-year-round, which means our craft hemp flower products maintain their quality.

Naturally cultivated in our 16 acres of greenhouses. Hand nurtured plants without the use of pesticides or fungicides.

Without the use of pesticides or fungicides on our craft hemp. We rely solely on the sun, compost, microbiology, and utilize recovered rainwater in our growing process. We maximize plant growth and plant compound production while aiming for sustainable and green agricultural practices.

At Hemp House Farms, we grow several craft hemp strains year-round instead of growing strains in one or two batches at a time. This means we can offer premium freshness and quality in each strain we offer.

After harvest, we slow dry our hemp and cure to perfection in our climate controlled vault and cure our premium craft hemp flower. Each step of the way elements like heat, oxygen, and light exposure are avoided to preserve plant integrity.

Finally, we test each harvest through a third party laboratory to ensure our crops are compliant with state and federal industrial hemp laws. Annual tests are also conducted to ensure our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are accurate.

hemp house farms greenhouse